Art / Music



As an artist and a professional, I focus on finding creative ways to keep the collaborative spirit of music alive. I aim to make every situation musical, creative, and fun.


Whether it's through art, a community board discussion, or a musical improvisation, I love finding a place where we can honestly and transparently help each other make the world a better place.



Art and Music have been inextricable from my life for as long as I can remember.  I grew up playing piano behind preachers in church, fell in love with trap set in high school, and discovered the growl of the double bass while studying music theory at Berklee College of Music.  Now as years sneak into my 30s and gray hair sneaks into my beard, I play in bands ranging from folk to hip hop, produce records, and run a small record label.


Along the way, I discovered the visual art that accompanies punk music.  Inspired by the shameless use of text and influence of comics in Raymond Pettibon's work, I began to draw in pen and ink as a way to express my individual voice in the strange landscape of our current world.  Often, I’d pick up my pens and draw sitting on the bus or train en route to work ranging from customer service to music publishing.



I find my inspiration in the narratives that exist in every day life, be they mundane or otherwise.  My art has hints of depression, anxiety, religion, and individualism in an increasingly corporate world.  I hope they make you laugh.  I hope they piss you off.  I hope they make you feel your own voice is important and valuable.


Each individual frame is structured as if it is a joke, even if there is nothing comical to be seen.  Even though it’s hard for me to describe my work as “comics,” I do hope they make you laugh.  As Prince once said, “Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.”  As I traverse this electric word, life, you will find me laughing, singing, and dancing.  Laugh with me, it’ll do you good.


- Dan Choma


Music :

Double Bass, Drums, Piano, Guitar, Composition, Songwriting, Production, Business

Art :

Pen & Ink, Illustration

Technology :

Apple Logic, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office


Advocacy, Music Criticism


Berklee College of Music

  • Songwriting and Composition
  • Drumset


McNally Smith College of Music

  • Bachelor's of Arts
  • Bass